Anxiety & her sister, Comparison

Anxiety & her sister, Comparison, want to be invited over for blueberry and lemon thyme scones and cappuccinos. To do your make-up. To fuss over your hair. To repudiate your closet contents or congratulate your excellent taste – either way, they want to talk about your style until it becomes your identity. Before social media, our comparison circle was … More Anxiety & her sister, Comparison

What I’ve Been Reading Lately…

She always brightens my world. Demystifying the U.S. Primaries. Something about these waterfall-style drape coats are so chic, but simultaneously look incredibly comfortable. Oftentimes, when God feels far away or some area of my life seems “off-limits” to His love, I crave my heart’s intimacy with Him, not even realizing it. It’s amazing to me … More What I’ve Been Reading Lately…

Personal Essay | Do you have an “on” & “off” switch for life?

In those moments exhaustion invites you in for a cup of chamomile tea, to lounge on her tufted chaise, and skim Vogue or Darling magazine, I instantly want an “off” switch for life. Sit me by a roaring fire and milk my wounds from the day, release me from any and all responsibility. The most severe … More Personal Essay | Do you have an “on” & “off” switch for life?

“Waiting for Perfection”

How do I uncover their secret? You know, those people who“do” rather than simply “prepare”? Personally, precedence to boldness often resembles a recurring theme of studying, researching, contemplating – but the execution part – the “doing” – refuses to join the party. Studies find the “courageous ingredient,” as it were, differs not only among personalities, … More “Waiting for Perfection”