What I’ve Been Reading Lately…

She always brightens my world. Demystifying the U.S. Primaries. Something about these waterfall-style drape coats are so chic, but simultaneously look incredibly comfortable. Oftentimes, when God feels far away or some area of my life seems “off-limits” to His love, I crave my heart’s intimacy with Him, not even realizing it. It’s amazing to me … More What I’ve Been Reading Lately…

Simplicity | Complexity

Are we becoming too simple? The first pair of opposites to come to mind are Simplicity | Indulgence. But that doesn’t seem fair because Hedonists don’t think they’re just lavishly living, they’re living life to it’s fullest. Adrenaline fuels the complexity side. What fuels the simplicity side? Both appropriate the mantra YOLO, they just define … More Simplicity | Complexity

The Creativity of Crimson Tubes: Can Make-up Be Considered Art?

Sometimes when I think about wearing makeup, it can seem so strange. Am I alone in this? What if the cultural norm prescribed bare faces? Or to wear a green streak across our foreheads? Would we follow those norms? Would it change what we think about makeup right now? Icons To Elizabeth Taylor, America’s sweetheart … More The Creativity of Crimson Tubes: Can Make-up Be Considered Art?

“Waiting for Perfection”

How do I uncover their secret? You know, those people who“do” rather than simply “prepare”? Personally, precedence to boldness often resembles a recurring theme of studying, researching, contemplating – but the execution part – the “doing” – refuses to join the party. Studies find the “courageous ingredient,” as it were, differs not only among personalities, … More “Waiting for Perfection”