Information overload stops the conversation. This blog exists to provide a straight forward foundation for you to engage in the sciences, arts, news, and politics.

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Everything in the world swings on a pendulum (most clearly seen in the hard sciences – Newton’s Third Law of Motion, positive & negative polarity in Chemistry), where we see extremes on either end and a supposed balancing space somewhere in the middle. Oftentimes, we just go from one polar opposite to the other trying to find satisfaction (contentment vs. change, humor vs. fear, thoughtfulness vs. actually doing it), but we are never placated. God is what changes each approach. We actually are on a different scale of sorts, but it’s so hard for us to see it that way, because we just float along in life thinking we either need more of something or we need to cut back on something, but both leave us feeling empty. Only God satisfies and fills that gap.

Vis-à-vis literally translates face-to-face, but not in a way where you would use “about” or “concerning.” You wouldn’t say, “he wanted to talk to me vis-à-vis next weekend.” It more or less means “in contrast, comparison, or relation to” – “let us consider government regulations vis-à-vis employment rates.”

In this way, Vis-à-vis addresses these opposites in life and looks at them through the lens of the Gospel.

The Science Writer

To be insatiably curious is a curse and a blessing. Joy in discovery is thrilling, but lost time due to the “necessity” to know everything drains. If I am fueled by making Christ’s name known, though, I appreciate my slice of life pie and try to honor him through devoted excellence. So, this is me: a writer trying to simultaneously partake of my slice, passionately and creatively, for His kingdom & to help any interested readers do so as well. My allotment right now is life in radiantly sunny Saint Petersburg, Florida with my husband, daughter and church community. Neuroscientific research interests me and fuels most of what I write, stemming from my undergraduate degree in Psychology and my participation in university research labs.

The Family

My Clark Kent and little Sara Crewe (my little princess 😉 ) fill my life with honesty, tenderness and comedy. I love them! He’s a firefighter paramedic to most citizens in this city, and a hero of a husband to me. My two-year-old daughter is a constant living, breathing example of the marvelous design of God; everything she learns is beyond astonishing. We become immune to the marvelous bodies we have, but something about watching your own little one grow and develop changes that.


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