What I’ve Been Reading Lately…

Ade Laughing

She always brightens my world.

Demystifying the U.S. Primaries.

Something about these waterfall-style drape coats are so chic, but simultaneously look incredibly comfortable.

Oftentimes, when God feels far away or some area of my life seems “off-limits” to His love, I crave my heart’s intimacy with Him, not even realizing it.

It’s amazing to me how a French film can take place in one apartment scene for the entire duration of approximately 1.5 hours and feel like the wittiest, most raw, and delightfully funny experience.

“Observing Ash Wednesday is not a biblical command. We are free to observe it and we are free not to.” What are the liturgical underpinnings of the lent season? With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, this time set apart for contemplation can prune us, delivering a satisfaction in our Savior. What are your thoughts? Do you take time out of the year to develop patterns of repentance and hope?

Who do you follow on Instagram? These inspiring images from space greet me every afternoon, taking me to other worlds, and these elegant poises make me secretly wish I’d been more serious in ballet class. Breathtaking.

Have you heard the buzz on gravitational waves? “…a fleeting chirp that fulfilled the last prediction of Einstein’s general theory of relativity.”

How did you spend Valentine’s Day? My hubby and I poured over, laughed at, and really listened to each other’s answers to these questions, the famous “make anyone fall in love” questions developed by Clinical Psychologist, Arthur Aron.

Wishing you audacious ventures & relaxing moments this weekend!



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