Anxiety & her sister, Comparison

Anxiety & her sister, Comparison, want to be invited over for blueberry and lemon thyme scones and cappuccinos. To do your make-up. To fuss over your hair. To repudiate your closet contents or congratulate your excellent taste – either way, they want to talk about your style until it becomes your identity. Before social media, our comparison circle was … More Anxiety & her sister, Comparison

What I’ve Been Reading Lately…

She always brightens my world. Demystifying the U.S. Primaries. Something about these waterfall-style drape coats are so chic, but simultaneously look incredibly comfortable. Oftentimes, when God feels far away or some area of my life seems “off-limits” to His love, I crave my heart’s intimacy with Him, not even realizing it. It’s amazing to me … More What I’ve Been Reading Lately…

Personal Essay | Do you have an “on” & “off” switch for life?

In those moments exhaustion invites you in for a cup of chamomile tea, to lounge on her tufted chaise, and skim Vogue or Darling magazine, I instantly want an “off” switch for life. Sit me by a roaring fire and milk my wounds from the day, release me from any and all responsibility. The most severe … More Personal Essay | Do you have an “on” & “off” switch for life?

Simplicity | Complexity

Are we becoming too simple? The first pair of opposites to come to mind are Simplicity | Indulgence. But that doesn’t seem fair because Hedonists don’t think they’re just lavishly living, they’re living life to it’s fullest. Adrenaline fuels the complexity side. What fuels the simplicity side? Both appropriate the mantra YOLO, they just define … More Simplicity | Complexity